Weapon detail Name of Gun:Glock 19 Bullet:9mm Type:Handgun Information: a Classic Handgun easy to hold by policeman. Advertisements

New hommade Lego movie

5 stormtroopers as the Force team My military lego as Noah “Zacky” Gerald Stormtrooper seargent as Ben Carter Stormtrooper#1 as Anthon Yales Stormtrooper#2 as Nick “Leo” Lopez Stormtrooper#3 as Thomas Tucker Stormtrooper#4 as Darrel “Thompson Jake” Adrian Captain Rex as Jack Grajy General Echo as Captain Russel 5 Geonosis Troopers as The IMRIN (International Military … More New hommade Lego movie

Vader’s Guard

Darth vader’s Guards are Armed guns. But those are not Star Wars Guns,Those are Earth guns. Those are anti-Bullet Vests. Those items are not available in star wars. But the Force awakens there is Heavy gunners with vests.


The Lego star wars obi-wan and the mandalorians team up to have and Build up their own superweapon. Its Called “BHAW” Its stands for “Big Highly Advantage Weapon” or BHAW. Gun is not in star wars. Only laser guns. Their preparing only for destroying Evil Legos. They are cleaning and Prepare it.

Han….How many?

I have Found Something that can Clone Han into not solo anymore. Begin the tests. Test 1: clone 2 Hans. Result Name: Han Duet.Function:1 Han can Drive the Ship,1 Han can be on the Ship’s Blaster. Test 2: Clone 3 Hans. Result Name: Han Trio. Function:1 Han can be the Pilot,1 Han can be The … More Han….How many?


Heroes is  A Phase Before Heroes Reborn. A Few Characters are still Exist. The Exist Characters are Mohinder Suresh,Noah”Ted”Bennet,Hiro Nakamura,Angela Petrelli,Matt Parkman. There are a New Pack of Characters are:Hachiro Otomo,Miko Otomo,Erica Kravid,Taylor Kravid,Carlos,Anne Clark and More.

Star Wars Trivia

In the Clone wars,Gregor was what type of Clone he is? If his Profile said is CC-5576-39 I might know he is A Clone Commando. The Answers are: A.Delta Clone B.Clone Trooper C.Captain Clone Next Post i will Make A Blank Question.

Star Wars Trivia

In the Picture, The Force Awakens, What Kind Of Evil Forces is in there? There are 3 Answers they are: A.Empire B.First Order C.Republic Empire If i Do 3 Posts of SW Trivias. The 4th Post i will Reveal the Answers. then each Question Just get Harder and Harder.

Wanted Suspect

Ryu is wanted. Catch Him and I will give you $1.000 Reward. If the First One who found Him will be Give $1.500.000. Because i want to put him in jail. If he escapes prison,I will give $1.000 if he/She found Ryu. Remember! Periode of time to catch Ryu and Bring him to me:December 28-31.